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Glass & Ceramics Industry

Applications in the ceramics industry demand products with superior electrical conductivity, mechanical strength and excellent performance at high operating temperatures. Graphite passes the test. Here's what we offer you:


Molds, Dies and Rams for Hot Pressing

GrafTech™ graphite materials are formulated for enhanced performance in hot pressing a wide variety of materials. Select from one of our graphite specialty extruded or isomolded materials to meet the demands of your application.


Mandrels, Forms and Substrates for CVD

Chemical vapor deposition is a rigorous environment where only the best will meet your service life and low reactivity requirements. Select from one of our GrafTech™ graphite specialty extruded or isomolded materials.


Components used in Industrial Diamond Synthesis

Need a material which can withstand the temperature and pressure conditions of this application? Our GrafTech™ graphite specialty extruded or isomolded materials have the properties you need.


GrafTech™ Graphite Powders

GrafTech™ graphite powders are available in a wide range of size distributions for use in an array of specialized applications. Our powders portfolio covers a range of products that include Primary Synthetic, Secondary Synthetic, and Natural Graphite-based materials.


Heat Management Products

GrafTech™ heat management systems are composite, high temperature cured heat shields able to contain and insulate against conductive, convective and radiant heat exposure.

Value Added Services

GrafTech's customer technical service can help you choose the right product for your application and can offer other value added services.