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High Temperature Processing

Advanced Graphite Materials

Where materials are required to withstand extreme operating temperatures in a variety of furnace environments, GrafTech™ materials perform second to none. Excellent electrical properties, low oxidation rates, low gas content and high temperature strength are key in these applications:

  • Furnace furniture and heating elements
  • Susceptors and heater tubes
  • Boats, trays and other process equipment
  • Furnace linings


GrafTech™ Graphite Powders

GrafTech™ graphite powders are available in a wide range of size distributions for use in an array of specialized applications. Our powders portfolio covers a range of products that include Primary Synthetic, Secondary Synthetic, and Natural Graphite-based materials.


Heat Management Products

GrafTech™ heat management systems are composite, high temperature cured heat shields able to contain and insulate against conductive, convective and radiant heat exposure.


Tolling Services

We offer high temperature heat treatment to support your product development work, or short-run industrial processing needs. Temperatures as high as 3400 °C (6100 °F ) are achievable, at pilot plant scale or at much larger scale if required. Tolling services also include milling, mixing and forming.



We can perform purification of machined or un-machined graphite, carbon or graphite fibers or powders, in fact particulate material of any form, reducing the impurity level to just a few parts per million or lower.


With more than a century of leadership in the carbon and graphite industries, we are the experts. We have expertise in every aspect of carbon and graphite and in the high-temperature processes required to keep your products at the cutting edge of technology. We offer this expertise as a service or through licensing of our technology.

Testing Services

Our world class testing facility can provide testing services for a broad range of materials. Located near Cleveland, Ohio, the laboratory supports our global Research and Development center. The laboratory has an extensive capability to analyze a large range of products, including carbonaceous materials, cokes, pitches, fibers, polymers and ceramics. In addition, we are accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) for industrial hygiene analysis.

Value Added Services

GrafTech's customer technical service can help you choose the right product for your application and can offer other value added services. In addition, our High Tech High Temp business unit provides expertise, processing, testing and information services geared to the special needs of our customers in the carbon, graphite and high temperature processing marketplace.