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GRAFGUARD® Expandable Graphite for Fire Retardant Applications

GRAFGUARD Expandable Graphite, provides up to 250 times its original volume, when heated to 600 °C  (1100 °F). Primarily used as a fire retardant additive, the various grades of GRAFGUARD Expandable Graphite can provide performance tailored to applications. GRAFGUARD Expandable Graphite is commonly used in construction and building materials including wood, foam, and plastics.


Chemical Vessel Linings

When installed as a vessel lining, graphite provides inertness to chemical attack, resistance to abrasion and a heat barrier to protect the vessel itself.


Chemical Process Equipment

Looking for materials with high resistance to corrosion, high purity, durability and low cost? GrafTech™ specialty graphite materials have much to offer our customers in the chemical process industries with these requirements.


GrafTech™ Graphite Powders

GrafTech™ graphite powders are available in a wide range of size distributions for use in an array of specialized applications. Our powders portfolio covers a range of products that include both synthetic and natural graphite-based materials.

Value Added Services

GrafTech's customer technical service can help you choose the right product for your application and can offer other value added services. In addition, our High Tech High Temp business unit provides expertise, processing, testing and information services geared to the special needs of our customers in the carbon, graphite and high temperature processing marketplace.