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Solar Technology

Growing global energy demand and concern for green energy generation has enabled the success of the rapidly growing solar industry. Graphite is the unique material capable of standing up to the high-temperature, chemically aggressive, extreme purity processes involved in polysilicon production and processing.

From polysilicon production through ingot processing, GrafTech offers a complete portfolio of structural and consumable graphite components to all technologies in the industry. They are also readily machined and highly engineered solutions and comprised of GrafTech™ advanced graphite materials and industrial heat management solutions.


Advanced Graphite Materials

GrafTech's products are differenitated from others in the high temperature processing knowledge which is second to none.

Advanced Graphite Materials

  • GrafTech SLX™ graphite – with properties specifically optimized for the performance needs of the polysilicon, solar and semiconductor industries
  • Full Portfolio of Grades and Sizes ensures the right material is available for your application
  • High Purity – 99.999% purity in purified graphite reduces contamination and defects
  • Fine Grain, High Strength Graphite is machinable to precise tolerances for the most intricate equipment
  • Largest Monolithic Graphite Billet in the World – GrafTech's 72" h x 73" dia PGX™ enables larger batch size crucibles and economies of scale
  • In-House Machining, Purification and Coating - start-to-finish production in-house for production consistency
  • Quality graphite products from an ISO 9001:2000 certified company


Industrial Heat Management Products

  • High Purity guards against contamination
  • Resists Dusting and Erosion caused by high velocity gases – increases lifetime and reduces costs
  • Fully Machinable Materials can be precisely shaped to your application
  • Highly Insulative, Low Thermal Conductivity GRI™ insulation reduces energy consumption and lowers costs
  • Low Mass allows for faster furnace heating and cooling, and shortens cycle times
  • Strong, Free-Standing Board & Cylinders offers easier installation and repair than felts, saving time and money
  • Composite Materials and Component Systems – performance excellence for your customized solution
  • GrafTech AMW™ material faced with GRI™ insulation combines excellent insulation with robust protection and heat shielding
  • GrafTech AMW™ graphite heat shield offers excellent radiant heat properties, low thermal conductivity, chemical inertness, resists erosion
  • Grafoil® flexible graphite or graphitic coatings eliminate dusting and retarding metal vapor impregnation of the insulation


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Typical Applications

GrafTech's expert Customer Technical Service engineers offer consultation on any of your thermal and chemical management needs. Applications of GrafTech™ graphite materials and industrial heat management products in polysilicon production and processing include:


Polysilicon Production

CVD Process

  • Electrodes ('seed chucks,' 'sockets')
  • Thermal management solutions


Upgraded Metallurgical Silicon

  • Electrodes
  • Crucibles
  • Molds
  • Flux Tubes
  • Thermal management solutions


Fluidized Bed Reactor

  • Reactor components
  • Thermal management solutions


Ingot Processing

Monocrystalline Silicon

  • Crucibles
  • Heaters
  • Heat shields
  • Hot zone fixtures
  • Thermal management solutions


Multicrystalline Silicon

  • Crucibles
  • Heaters
  • Support plates
  • Hot zone fixtures
  • Thermal management solutions


Thin-Film Silicon

  • Graphite substrates
  • Thermal management solutions

Developing Technologies