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Advanced Graphite Materials

Extruded Materials: GrafTech's line of advanced graphite materials offer high product quality and performance as an economical solution to most common applications requiring graphite. Typical uses for extruded grades are in the production of molds and crucibles, heating elements and furnace furniture, liquid metal processing equipment and chemical process equipment.


Molded Materials: Offering some of the largest molded billets available from any manufacturer, our materials provide unique solutions to your applications. With exceptional resistance to oxidation and low ash content, our molded products are suited to applications requiring consistent performance over time and long production lifetimes. Typical uses of molded grades are as pressure casting molds, heat shields and furnace linings or susceptors.


Isomolded Materials: Possessing properties unique to only our materials, GrafTech isomolded graphites offer solutions to your most rigorous application needs. GrafTech Advanced Graphite Materials offer unique resistance to thermal shock and low levels of thermal expansion making them the most stable and effective materials available today.


Heat Management Products:  Our heat management products are composite, high temperature cured heat shields able to contain and insulate against conductive, convective and radiant heat exposure.


Graphite Powders: GrafTech™ graphite powders are available in a wide range of size distributions for use in an array of specialized applications. Our powders portfolio covers a range of products that include Primary Synthetic, Secondary Synthetic, and Natural Graphite-based materials.


Cements: We design and supply cements and adhesives for numerous applications.

GrafTech is one of the world's leading manufacturers of graphite specialty products for metallurgy, chemical, semiconductor, electrochemical, nuclear energy generation and aerospace industries.


GrafTech has a proud heritage of more than one hundred years of industry leadership and product innovation -- a tradition of world-class performance we continue today. Our global manufacturing and service network is the most broadly based organization in our industry. Most of our graphite specialty products can be manufactured at any one of our graphite specialty facilities around the world, providing enormous flexibility to serve the needs of our customers. GrafTech's commitment to Total Quality provides the guiding philosophy for everything we do. Our success hinges upon our reputation for quality -- quality in our products and services, our personnel, and our relationships with customers and suppliers.


GrafTech's Advanced Graphite Material is manufactured using different production techniques to produce unique material properties and characteristics needed for today's demanding applications.