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High Tech High Temp

High Tech High Temp connects you with the industry-acknowledged carbon and graphite experts inside GrafTech International Ltd.

HT2 Expertise Services put you in touch with the industry resource for assistance in manufacturing, treating, processing, optimizing or developing any forms of carbon or graphite. Certain technologies for the commercial production of carbon and graphite materials can be licensed from HT2.


HT2 Testing Services comprise world-class laboratories for complete testing of carbon and graphite in all forms, as well as precursors like pitch and coke.


HT2 Processing Services carry out graphitization, purification, or heat treatment to temperatures as high as 3200°C or 5800°F at pilot plant scale. Tolling services also include milling, mixing and forming. Our Cleveland, Ohio pilot plant supports your product development work, or short-run industrial processing needs for ultra high heat.