SustainabilityMessage from the CEO

I am pleased to present GrafTech’s second annual Sustainability Report highlighting our ESG performance in 2020. I would like to thank our global team for their tireless work, resilience, and diligence in responding to the challenges faced during 2020 while upholding our core values of Safety, Environment, and Quality, what we internally refer to as “SEQ”. These values focus our attention on a core mission for GrafTech: safe working practices and conditions, environmental stewardship, and superior product quality. We begin meetings at GrafTech with SEQ and we refer to SEQ topics throughout this report.

Safety. We begin, as we always do, with safety. We are committed to health and safety excellence, exemplified by our improvement in 2020’s total recordable injury rate to 0.51, a 46% improvement over 2019, continuing the improving trend over the past few years. I am very proud of the dedication of our team as we work to reach our ultimate goal of every employee going home safely every day.

In the spirit of SEQ, we instituted a number of health and safety initiatives during 2020 to ensure we maintain our high standard of excellence. For example, we enhanced our health and safety auditing program by qualifying 37 employees as internal auditors of our health and safety programs.

Environment. As you will read about further in this report, we are committed to improving our environmental footprint. We continue to monitor and track our progress on energy consumption and air emissions to identify opportunities for improvements. During 2020, at our Monterrey, Mexico facility, we continued to implement projects focused on controlling emissions, such as installation of new dust collection systems and upgrades to our mill, mix and forming, and baking operations to enhance our air emission controls. We also implemented projects that helped us realize a reduction in energy and greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to our successful water recycling and reuse programs at our Calais, France, and Pamplona, Spain, sites.

Quality. On the quality front, we recently reassessed key performance indicator (KPI) tracking and reporting to reinforce best practices within our quality procedures. For our customers, we offer an electric arc furnace monitoring system, ArchiTech® Furnace Productivity System (ArchiTech®), which helps them use our products more efficiently and improve their operations.

Overall, we are proud of the progress we made across the organization towards our ESG initiatives in 2020. In addition to the initiatives mentioned above, we undertook activities as varied as our community involvement and outreach at our Monterrey and Salvador sites, our capture of energy generated at our Seadrift Coke facility to create an additional source of electricity for the area, and our emission reduction efforts that include capital investments and advanced engineering technology on the equipment at our sites. We are fully committed to advancing these efforts across our global organization.

Finally, in 2021, we undertook a robust materiality assessment with the assistance of an external consultant and are very encouraged by the results, which will help GrafTech build the foundation and strategy of our future sustainability work.

As always, I welcome your questions and comments on our sustainability efforts and look forward to engaging with you on these topics as we move forward.

David J. Rintoul, President & Chief Executive Officer

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2020 Sustainability Report

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Sustainability Business Ethics & Corporate Governance

At GrafTech, we aim to do the right thing every time. We value health and safety excellence, environmental performance, and our most important asset—our people. As a company, we are committed to unyielding integrity, and to ensuring the success of future generations of employees, customers, shareholders, and communities. Our Code of Conduct and Ethics guides our daily business decisions and actions, and GrafTech not only expects all employees, directors, and officers of the Company to adhere to this Code, but to report possible violations without fear of retaliation.

For more information on our business ethics and governance practices, please read our 2020 Sustainability Report.


GrafTech’s policies and practices guiding business integrity.

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Sustainability Materiality & Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability at GrafTech is overseen by a Steering Group comprised of senior management and managed by a Working Group of cross-functional subject matter experts within GrafTech. The Working Group manages the regular tracking and reporting of data and information relevant to our material topics.

In 2021, GrafTech proactively engaged with key external and internal stakeholders, to identify the most material ESG-related topics to our business. This materiality assessment followed the guidelines of the GRI, and with support from an independent consulting firm, consisted of identifying potential material topics through ESG topic benchmarking, mapping ESG impacts across our value chain, engaging stakeholders, and validating our identified material topics.

To learn more about how we manage our important sustainability topics, please read our 2020 Sustainability Report.

Material Topics

  • Air Emissions
  • Climate and Energy
  • Customer Service
  • Innovation
  • Material Sourcing
  • Occupational Health and Safety, Workforce
  • Product Quality
  • Product Stewardship
  • Regulatory Compliance

Sustainability Workforce

At GrafTech, safety is a top priority for all employees. We believe it is not only our responsibility but our moral obligation that employees return home in the same condition they arrived. In addition to fostering a safe working environment, we provide our employees with proper safety and job skills training; meaningful work; competitive compensation and benefits; and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

To read more about Health & Safety, Employee Benefits and Well-Being, and Talent Development at GrafTech, please read our 2020 Sustainability Report.


GrafTech is a high-tech place to grow.

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Sustainability Society

As a significant manufacturer and employer, we recognize that our operations impact more than just ourselves. We strive to be a good corporate citizen to our local communities by hiring and cultivating talent; being a responsible steward of the environment; and supporting local organizations.

To read more about our Local Communities and Materials Sourcing and Efficiency, please read our 2020 Sustainability Report.

Where We Operate

Explore our global footprint

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Sustainability Products & Customers

As a global leader in graphite electrodes, we provide our customers with highly engineered products made from quality raw materials. In addition, our Customer Technical Service (CTS) team delivers technical support services throughout the life of the product, helping electric arc furnace operators increase productivity and decrease costs.

To learn more about our product quality, customer service and material sourcing, please read our 2020 Sustainability Report.

2020 Sustainability Report

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Sustainability Environment

As a manufacturer of graphite electrodes, we are cognizant of our impacts on the environment. From energy consumption and air emissions to water use and waste handling, we proactively take steps to reduce these impacts throughout our operations.

To read more about our management of Energy, Emissions and Air Quality, Water, and Waste, please read our 2020 Sustainability Report.